How to Prepare for Your New Puppy

How to Prepare for Your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy can be exciting and also a challenging time. It requires love, time, patience and energy. Before you pick out a puppy there are things to consider, here are some helpful times and guidelines to help you and your new puppy.

Do you have time/energy?

A new puppy requires a lot of attention. Puppies have not developed bladder control and will need to be walked/taken outside roughly every 4 hours until your dog is potty trained. Most dogs require daily exercise as well to keep them fit, as well as daily training. Remember repetition is key in dog training. The more you take the time to teach the faster your puppy will learn.

Do you have space?

Will your new dog run free in a fenced in yard, or do you live in an apartment and will leash walk your pet? Research dog breeds to see how much space they might need. Make sure you have an area that is puppy proofed until your pet is trained.

Can you afford a new pet?

Puppies need to eat 2-3 times a day to grow healthy and strong. Make sure you are able to afford a balanced diet for your pet. Now a Chihuahua may eat a 5 lb. bag of dog food in a month’s time, while a Great Dane will eat that in less than a week. Animals also require frequent trips to a veterinarian for booster vaccinations, deworming and preventative medications. Consult veterinarians to inquire about prices and possible puppy packages. Also, consider pet insurance to supplement the cost of veterinarian visits and unexpected emergency situations.

What you will need:

  • Food/water bowl
  • Crate/carrier
  • Puppy food
  • Collar/leash
  • Dog bed
  • Dog toys
  • Brush
  • Puppy shampoo
  • Established relationship with a local veterinarian
  • Space that is pet-proofed and has no potential hazards that can be harmful to your pet

Once your new puppy is home, figuring out where to put the crate will depend on what’s most convenient for you, as well as their reaction. Many puppies don’t like to be isolated in one part of the house while their family is in another, but some puppies won’t settle down in their crates if too much activity is going on around them. You might have to try different locations until you find that right spots that are best for everyone. Give time for them to get acclimated to its new surroundings and people.

Maintain a potty training schedule that is based on eating, sleeping and play times as that is when they will need to go most. Be persistent with the schedule, feed the same time every day and take your pet outside every few hours regardless of eating. Give praise and/or reward for eliminating outside but do not scold puppy when accidents happen, just bring puppy immediately outside to ensure pet knows where to eliminate. Remember to be patient because accidents do happen. Clean up accidents immediately and clean with appropriate surface cleaner to avoid reoccurring accidents in the same spot.

While adjusting to potty training begin training a few simple commands. Establishing a bonding relationship with your new four-legged friend is important. Consistency and repetition are strongly recommended for teaching your pup to learn commands. Be persistent with the command you are asking for and reward when they do it right. The more you practice the command the faster your pet will obey. Some people prefer a dog training professional — research companies if your area and find the best for your training desires.

As exciting it is to bring your puppy everywhere you go, it can be very risky to the health of your pet. Until your puppy has had all of its vaccine boosters they can be exposed to very serious illness and viruses. Continue to have frequent visits to your local vet for all vaccine boosters as well as dewormings to ensure your pet is getting the proper health program that is recommended by them. After proper vaccine protocol, you can start to bring your new pup around other dogs and people to enhance socialization skills. Exposure to new pets, people and surrounding can both be fun and scary to your pet. Pay attention to your pets anxiety and body control to maintain a fun experience.

Puppies are a big responsibility and will take a lot of time and patience but rewarding to have a furry friend that will continue to fill your heart. Dogs are man’s best friend and will be truly devoted to you. Enjoy your new puppy as they grow fast and hope this will help you and your four-legged partner.

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