Should You Get  Pet Insurance?

Should You Get Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance—should you get it to help with your pet’s care, or would it be just another added cost? Every pet owner’s situation is different, and at Shallowford Animal Hospital, we do our best to guide pet owners in making informed decisions in all aspects of their animals’ care. In the case of pet insurance, we encourage you to explore your options and learn as much as you can about the different companies and plans that are out there. For many pet owners, insurance provides peace of mind and can be a lifesaver in the event of a serious medical condition or emergency.

If you have any questions about pet insurance, feel free to contact us at (336) 945-4412! Please know that while we cannot file any insurance claims on your behalf, we can send the necessary documents to your insurance company if requested.

What Pet Insurance  Do We Recommend?

What Pet Insurance Do We Recommend?

While we typically do not push one pet insurance company over another, one we do often recommend Lemonade Pet Insurance, which can help pet owners save on preventative care, parasite testing, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, and more.

To see other pet insurance companies and compare plans, click here.

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