Veterinary Care  Financing

Veterinary Care Financing

As a pet owner, one of your primary concerns aside from keeping your pet healthy may include financing their care. At Shallowford Animal Hospital, we want to make sure you have options to help with veterinary care costs. We offer payment plans through CareCredit. You can also use pet insurance, and we encourage you to explore your financing options so you can find a plan that works best for you and your pet. Whichever option you choose should give you peace of mind about keeping your pet healthy, especially in case of an unexpected medical emergency.

If you have questions about pet insurance, contact us at (336) 945-4412! Please know that while we cannot file any insurance claims on your behalf, we can send the necessary documents to your insurance company if requested.

What Pet Insurance  Do We Recommend?

What Pet Insurance Do We Recommend?

While we typically do not push one pet insurance company over another, we do often recommend Lemonade Pet Insurance, which can help you save on preventative care, parasite testing, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, and more.

To see other pet insurance companies and compare plans, click here.

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What is  CareCredit?

What is CareCredit?

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card pet owners can use to pay for various veterinary services. It is especially useful in situations involving unexpected costs, such as an illness or injury. However, CareCredit can also be used to cover your pet’s routine care costs. 

You can apply for CareCredit and once you’re approved, you can use your card immediately. You will first receive your card number, and the card itself will be mailed to you. One of the key features of CareCredit is the range of financing options it offers. You can choose among several interest-free or low-interest payment plans to spread out the overall cost of care. You do need to make sure you’re keeping up with your minimum monthly payments to avoid interest charges. 

Visit the CareCredit website to learn more and submit an application.