Giving Pets a Voice with Veterinary Diagnostics in Lewisville, NC

Giving Pets a Voice with Veterinary Diagnostics in Lewisville, NC

Veterinary medicine has many of the same advancements as human medicine, including diagnostic equipment such as digital X-rays and in-practice laboratories. Since pets can’t tell us how they’re feeling, these veterinary diagnostics tools are invaluable. With them, we’re able to give your pet a voice and paint a fuller picture of their health — and their illness. When we have a better understanding of your pet’s condition, we’re able to treat them more effectively. At Shallowford Animal Hospital in Lewisville, we make frequent use of our in-house lab and our digital X-ray machine.

digital xray on tablet with dog in Lewisville, NC
xray on tablet in Lewisville, NC
Early Illness Detection with Lab Testing

Early Illness Detection with Lab Testing

Our in-house lab has the ability to analyze blood, fecal, and skin samples, making it an essential tool for detecting underlying illnesses. We typically use our lab for urgent cases that demand immediate results. Yet, for routine diagnostics, we’ll send your pet’s samples to an outside lab, which cuts the cost of testing for you and still allows us to get results in a timely manner.

Diagnostic tests we commonly run include:

  • Complete blood counts (CBC’s)
  • Blood chemistry panels (to analyze certain elements of the blood including glucose levels, proteins, and more)
  • Fecal exams (to detect intestinal parasites)
  • Heartworm testing
  • Tick-borne disease screening
  • Skin scrapings
  • And more
Digital  X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiology is far safer and more efficient than film radiology.

Digital X-rays:

  • Develop images faster
  • Use significantly less radiation
  • Take clearer, higher contrast images
  • Are easy to send to you or a veterinary specialist

We commonly use digital X-rays to evaluate your pet’s skeletal structure, abdominal cavity, and joints. Radiology helps us visualize your pet’s internal structures and diagnose conditions such as fractures, orthopedic issues, gastrointestinal blockages, and more.

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