How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy This Spring

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy This Spring

Spring is in the air…but so are fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other pet pests!

To help keep your pet healthy and happy, you will want to do things like give him preventative medications, take him out for exercise, keep him away from your neighbor’s petunias, and more!

Here is our take on spring pet care tips!

#1 Get Your Pet His Necessary Medications

There are some parts of the world where dangers like heartworm-carrying mosquitoes, pesty fleas, and vampirous ticks do not exist! But many places, especially in North America, do have a fair amount of the critters.

These pesky bugs can do a lot of damage to your pet’s insides if you don’t take preventative measures.

Most pet parents are pretty well-informed regarding heartworm, tick treatment and perhaps even flea prevention!

Dogs in locations where mosquitoes are common are the ones that are most at risk for heartworm. If you live in an area such as North America and Mexico, then you will find that certain areas do have a heavy mosquito problem.

Once an animal has heartworm, you have to take serious measures to get rid of it.

Many owners find it safer to give their pet a preventative heartworm pill on a regular basis in order to stave off the issue. Heartworm pills are normally picked up on a prescription basis, but some owners opt for other forms of heartworm treatment. As long as you are taking appropriate pet safety measures, your pet will thank you!

Fleas Can be Very Uncomfortable for Pets

Luckily, fleas are very easy to identify.

If your pet has a flea infection, he will soon be scratching away in full view of an even the most casually observant pet parent!

Fleas can be very uncomfortable for your little animal! So, once you notice an infection, take matters into your own hands right away!

With the right flea medication, you can usually see a turnaround for your pet within a day!

Some flea meds are topical, while others are pills you might pick up from the store or your doctor! Help your pet with some meds and he will be so greatfull!

The Dangers and Treatment of Ticks

Ticks can be less easy to spot than fleas. But they are just as bad or worse for your pet!

Most owners will notice a flea on their pet when doing their pet’s daily grooming.

Being able to check up on your pet is yet another good reason to groom your pet each day!

Ticks can spread lyme disease or other infections to animals just as they might to humans, if you notice a tick, you will want to take steps to remove it right away. Usually a careful tweezer removal can do the trick. To make sure you get the entire body of the tick, use the tweezers to carefully grab the entire body of the tick. Then slowly pull it out with a smooth and straight upward motion. Or here’s a tip: try rubbing Vick’s Vapor Rub on the tick, which can cause the tick to detach itself!

You don’t want to leave any part of the tick behind in your pet’s skin!

After you have removed the parasite, keep an eye on your pet. If you notice unusual behavior like extreme lethargy or inordinate amount of water drinking, etc. talk to a vet.

#2 Keep Your Pet Healthy

There are many ways you can help your pet get his exercise in. Since spring is the predecessor to summer, a very hot season in most places, it is important for your pet to be physically fit in order to most efficiently and healthily handle the heat.

If you have a fenced in yard, let your pet get plenty of free roaming time.

Most pets seem to prefer the outdoors if weather is nice enough, and if you are able to let your pet stay outside, they will likely get much more exercise than when shut in!

If free roaming is not an option for your pet, taking a daily walk can be just as effective. Consistency with the exercise is what will be most helpful for your pet.

How to Stay Neighborly With a Pet

What dog or cat doesn’t like to escape on occasion!

While this is all very natural, a pet who has managed to break free of the leash, yard, or house might cause some unnecessary angst for the neighbors!

Racing through your neighbor’s newly planted flower garden is not the best way for a pet to make an impression. But many pets will do just that if allowed to roam without restriction!

Digging up the neighbors flowers is a classic dog problem, but there is a solution!

Some experts say, that if you give your pet a play area in which to dig, it could prevent him from digging up other, more important areas of either your or your neighbor’s yard!

You can set up a sandy area for your pet or just a marked out area in his kennel that you select, and then you can train him on where to dig! If you do this for your pet, then he might be less inclined to wreak havoc in the event he does escape again!

. . .

There are many important factors in spring pet care, but we hope these few suggestions were a great help to you! Thanks for reading!

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