Do Cats Like Music?

Do Cats Like Music?

Do Cats Like Music? What Music Should I Play for My Cat?

Many cat lovers out there also love music, and many of them are musicians themselves. After all, the love of cats and the love of music is common among people of all cultures and backgrounds. This will leave many cat owners wondering: do cats like music?

Cats do “like” music, but not in the traditional sense that humans do. Our feline companions have hearing that is much more advanced than that of humans, which means that they can hear sounds of much higher and lower frequencies. Unfortunately, this also means that many favorite genres of music like rock and pop can be quite harsh on a cat’s ears. As a result, cats prefer “cat-specific” music, which can evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation. 

Here we will be exploring more about the kind of music that cats like, as well as answering any questions relating to cats and music. Let’s get into it!

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Do Cats Enjoy Listening To Music?

The answer to this question is complicated, and cats tend to like certain types of music and dislike others. Mainly, very light, calming music is well tolerated among most cats. This includes music that is not incredibly loud or surprising. Unfortunately, this means that many favorite genres like rock and heavy metal are disliked among cats. Even some classical songs can be too loud for cats.

On the other hand, cats have been shown to respond very positively to cat-specific music. Cat-specific music is classical music that has been composed specifically for our feline friends, and it generally mimics sounds like purring. Cats tend to enjoy cat-specific music much more than music made for humans.

Does Music Make Cats Happy?

Although music is not likely to evoke feelings of happiness in cats in the same way that it does for humans, music composed for cats will likely make them feel calm and relaxed. This is because cat specific music will remind cats of times when they were relaxing and being cared for by their mother.

When it comes to human music, it is not very likely that it makes cats happy. In fact, many songs and genres that the cat’s human owners enjoy will make cats feel stressed or anxious. Cats will feel this way because the sounds coming from the music are too harsh for their ears.

Meanwhile, music that is not too harsh for a cat’s ears is still not likely to evoke feelings of happiness in cats. This is because most studies have concluded that cats are simply indifferent when it comes to this soothing music. However, it has also been suggested that some classical music is effective at reducing a cat’s stress and anxiety. However, cat-specific music tends to work a bit better when it comes to relaxing cats.

What Music Do Cats Like The Most? what music do cats like lewisville nc

Cats like cat-specific the most. This is according to scientific research, and the results are relatively unsurprising. After all, music that mimics a cat’s purring and suckling are more likely to evoke feelings of happiness and calmness in cats than music that is made for humans.

When it comes to music made for humans, classical music seems to be the most favorable among cats. This is because many forms of classical music are not likely to hurt a cat’s ears with a very heavy bass or wailing high pitched instruments. Of course, there are outliers when it comes to this rule though, and there are some classic songs that could still upset cats.

What Genres Of Music Upset Cats?

Yes, some genres of music can upset cats. Mainly, these genres will stress cats or make them very physically uncomfortable. Music genres or songs that are very bass heavy or have very high pitched tones on a guitar or violin are most likely to upset cats.

This means that genres like rock and heavy metal are among some of the most disliked genres of music among cats. Some specific songs of classical and pop music may upset cats as well.

Do Cats Like White Noise?

Many cats do like white noise because it is a continuous sound. It has even been found that some cats are relaxed by the sound of white noise. As a result, some cat owners have turned to turning on white noise for their cats during stressful events. This is not only because white noise can have a calming effect on cats, but it can also drown out some sounds that can be frightening to cats as well. Sounds like fireworks are often much less frightening to cats when being drowned out by a familiar sound. Sometimes white noise can help cats get through separation anxiety when their owners are away as well.

Do Some Cats Prefer Silence To Music?

should i leave music on for my cat

Yes, some cats will likely prefer silence to music. This is especially true if your cat tends to be particularly anxious around loud and surprising sounds.

Keeping the music off around your cat and using headphones when listening to music is likely to make your cat feel more comfortable and calm. If this is not an option, then playing the music at a low volume can help as well.

Should I Leave Music On For My Cat?

Most of the time, you do not need to leave music on for your cat. This is because most cats are fine with being alone in silence. This is especially true if they have shown no signs of separation anxiety.

On the other hand, there has been some evidence suggesting that cat-specific music or white noise can help cats cope with separation anxiety when their owners are away. This is because these sounds can help relax and calm cats, combating the separation anxiety. 


Although cats do not interpret music like humans do, there is some music that may make cats feel calm and relaxed. Cat-specific music, or music specifically made to mimic purring, suckling, and other sounds in the feline vocal range, is said to have a calming effect on cats. 

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